E3 2018 Round Up – Square Enix

Just a short and quick round up this time…

The Square Enix press conference seems like it’s going to ease you into its games but then hits you hard with a brief look at a sequence from Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This game might not be coming from the same development studio of the last two games but they’re still not afraid to take risks with the story or action. Is it just me or does it look like her outfit is starting to morph into something that’s like the original games?

Moving into the other games it seemed that there were more PlayStation 4 exclusives announced here than at Sony’s own event. That may be indicative of the confidence the platform holder has in other publishers doing the hard work for them at this point in the console generation. Though with NeiR: Automata finally arriving on Xbox One at the end of the month there’s some hope that these may eventually jump over but it doesn’t bode well for Xbox players wanting more JRPGs now. Time will tell.

The full press conference is below, via Gamespot’s YouTube channel:

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