Brook X One Adapter (Review)

I really have to thank a online gaming mate for suggesting I buy one of these. This amazing little device not only has a battery pack, but many features I simply wasn’t expecting to see in such a handy little adapter.

I’ve always wanted to use an Xbox One controller on my PS4 for gaming, and this great little device does exactly that. Not only does this adapter do this with great efficiency, you can even use it on a Nintendo Switch as well. You can even switch between different consoles by a couple of controller button clicks once configured.

In terms of setup it is pretty easy to use. You simply remove the back cover from the Xbox One controller, remove the batteries and then with care, place the adapter snugly via the micro USB and battery compartment.


With a few setup controller button combinations and a micro USB cable for the first initialisation sequence, the Xbox One controller is working brilliantly in place of my DualShock 4 wireless controller. Battery life seems to be around 5-6 hours, which isn’t too bad considering the size. It can be charged and used via a Micro USB cable, just like the DualShock.

Obviously you don’t have access to the light bar or touchpad, nor an internal speaker but surprisingly the adapter manages the full motion gyro control as well. You also have rumble support too. You can also turn on your PS4 from rest mode using the X One adapter too.

It really is an amazing bit of kit. If you find the DualShock 4 controller too small or just love the Xbox One controller, do yourself a favour and buy this great adapter.

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