When your gear gets old… what to do?

Over the last couple of months instead of having to look at myself in the mirror to be reminded of the passage of time, it’s my electronics gear that is deciding to all check out and make it painfully clear that stuff simply doesn’t last.

First up was my video camera – the very same one I bought for recording my wedding and more recently used for a retro themed video. After years of impeccable service it thought it was finally time for the image sensor to die. I’m using another old camera to try recording for another video but the quality is suffering a lot more and it’s still not the same compared to the very one that recorded an important moment in my life.

You will be missed mighty handycam…

Next up was my 5.1 system which I bought during the time of the original Xbox which probably makes it the equivalent to an ancient artefact now. This was when CD stackers were still a thing and Sony made some very good looking ones too. I thought the thing was indestructible until I tried to use a CD for the first time in a couple of years and the main panel jammed open effectively stopping me from using cassettes as well (remember those?).

Seeing my tried and trusted gear now passing into the realms of the non-functional is new to me and I’m wondering what to do. Should I try to get these repaired or is it better to just suck it up and look at replacing them? I’ve not always been too attached to my gaming systems because they were often cheaper to replace and you learn to be wary after being a launch Xbox 360 owner. With these though I suppose it might be because there are a few kinds of consumer goods that most people intend to keep for a much longer time. You’re not going to change a stereo as much as you do your phone.

Maybe I’ll get enthusiastic in the next few months about finding replacements but for the interim I think I’ll be looking back at how much value I got out of the old toys and the great memories tied to them.

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