Now installing… Forza Horizon 4

The recently released demo for Playground Games’ next iteration in their open world driving series has once again won me over and Forza Horizon 4 is going to be a game I’ll be excited to play at launch.

In fact, I’ve been so excited that I’ve gone back to the earlier Xbox One games to work through incomplete championships and achievements. Unlike the Forza Motorsport series the locations aren’t being repeated between titles so there’s some validity in continuing to play these games even after the new one launches.

For those who’ve preordered the game digitally it weighs in at over 64GB for both Xbox One X and PC owners. Anyone who has ordered the Ultimate Edition will also get to jump in a couple of days ahead of the October 2 release date so expect to see a some high ranking drivers from the outset as the most keen of players dive into the new locale early in their secret agent themed cars.

Being an Xbox Play Anywhere title (as well as Game Pass) I’ll be curious to see how it compares between Xbox and PC versions as it’s the first Forza Horizon game to support 4K on both at launch. If the demo is any indications, everyone should be happy. I know I am and I can’t wait for the game to arrive. 🙂

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