How to improve The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is one of the games of 2018 I was most looking forward to playing. In what has to be quite disappointing, the game does miss the mark in some places. It doesn’t seem to take advantage of the huge open world it has provided, and in turn distinguish it from other games like the upcoming Forza Horizon 4. One of the joys of playing The Crew 2 is to just cruise around, whether in boat, plane, car or bike. But, a lot of the incentive for doing so is gone.

I’ve actually provided Ivory Tower and Ubisoft some feedback on how I think The Crew 2 could be improved and make it stand out in the very competitive driving / racing gaming market. I thought I’d share them here as well:

1. To allow players to resume on their next The Crew 2 session from where they finished? I love the idea of a cross country drive over multiple sessions, but you always start back at your house (or two). Perhaps add in motels and hotels as places they can spawn from? That way if I fly to Las Vegas, and then switch to a car and drive to a hotel. I can resume my cross country road trip from there.

The Crew® 2 Standard Edition (3)_result

There is so much to like about The Crew 2, but there is a lot of room for growth too.

2. Being able to buy your own property through out the huge world would be amazing.

3. It has been mentioned quite a few times by other gamers, but perhaps bring back some of the things I really enjoyed in the original game. For example, could we have Factions back and also hunting for car parts to add exotic and classic rides to our roster? The in-game awards badges were great too.

4. Bring back the GPS line above the vehicle from the original game as that was excellent. In the longer races there is nothing worse that missing one corner, and losing the race as a result.

5. Please add a brightness option to the game.

6. Allow the disabling of fast travel from via a game option.

The Crew® 2 Standard Edition (7)_result

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft – please let us buy property.

7. More customisation of the HUD would be great too.

8. I’m not a giant fan of the upgrade system, and it would be nice if we could sell unused parts for a small bit of virtual currency.

9. With regards to the upgrade menu, could you please provide an option to remove all parts quickly? That way if we get a new favourite ride, we don’t have to manually undo all the parts separately before applying to the new vehicle.

10. Customised number plates please.

Gator Rush is out in a couple of days – click here for more info. Apparently it will be adding some new missions and content for the base game as well. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Have any of you played The Crew 2, and if so, what do you like and not like about the game? Please feel free to post your comments below.

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