In 2 weeks: PAX Australia 2018

Soon again it’ll be my annual pilgrimage to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in occasionally sunny Melbourne for the 2018 edition of PAX Australia. This year’s one has a twist to it too as it has combined with another Australian gaming expo run by EB Games to make it bigger than ever.

Back again at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The keynote I’m once again looking forward to. This year’s will be by Rhianna Pratchett whose previously applied her writing skills to games such as Mirror’s Edge, Overlord and Tomb Raider. She’s considered one of the best (certainly most well known) in the biz so it’ll be interesting to hear what stories she has to tell.

Another I’m wanting to go to is an id Software retrospective presented by guests from both id and its parent company Bethesda. The company has experienced a resurgence thanks to the 2016 Doom reboot and its other properties such as Wolfenstein are taking off again too so returning to where it started seems appropriate. It’s also 25 years since the original Doom was released – that’s a pretty big milestone to recognise.

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to see as the schedule for this year seems to be a little more packed than the last but I’ve still got time to work it out. And with EB Games having a big presence (including a pop up store I believe) there could be more people on the show floor trying to find deals on the latest and greatest which will hopefully also filter down to the other exhibitors too. I might try to grab a few things myself…

Anyways, not long now. 🙂

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