Squadron 42 shows its roots in the new trailer

It’s been years in the making but we’ve finally got ourselves a trailer for Squadron 42 – the single player campaign component to future (ie. when it’s done) MMO Star Citizen.

With a star studded cast including Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Gary Oldman and a LOT more (just check the trailer) this might be one of the biggest casts of notable actors to ever appear in a game. With creator Chris Roberts past pedigree with his Wing Commander games (also a movie too) there’s no doubt he still has the ability to get the people he wants and with the huge amount of money backing both games he has nothing to stop him either.

The trailer really does give off that Wing Commander vibe with humanity once again facing off against an alien threat. Technology has certainly improved since that game first appeared back in 1990 (!) and through to the final game in that series with Wing Commander: Prophecy in 1997. Even taking into account Chris and brother Erin producing games for Microsoft with Starlancer (200) and Freelancer (2003) it’s still a lot of years since they’ve last had a space sim on shelves.

I’ve been waiting for this since late 2012 when I first backed it on Kickstarter and though no release date has been given you’d hope that if they’re willing to put out a trailer now it can’t be that far from FINALLY becoming a “real game”.

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