Via YouTube: Nostalgia Nerd and the Atari Falcon 030

For retro computer fans there’s a cool video on Nostalgia Nerd’s channel about the Atari Falcon 030 that is a well put together history of Atari’s last gasp as a computer manufacturer.

What’s REALLY cool for me is that a picture I had taken for a post about my “Power Pack” games compilation for the Atari ST made an appearance in the video and the author was kind enough to give me credit for it. If you’ve read my post then at 15:45 you’ll see a familiar image. 🙂

The video is below. Though ST machines sold pretty well in Australia, Falcons were VERY rare as Atari’s support in the country evaporated fast after they dumped it for the Jaguar console. So this is the closest I’ve been to seeing one for real.

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