No Man’s Sky update roundup

The last month has brought with it two more updates to No Man’s Sky that continues the game’s steady march in bringing in new features. The first is “The Abyss” which turns planetary oceans into their own little worlds to explore. Even before this update players were building undersea bases but this really gives them the means to make their own takes on BioShock‘s Rapture. There’s even a specialist underwater exocraft allowing you to travel faster and further. You can go here for details of what else is in the update.

The next is “Visions” which is smaller in scale to the previous update but throws in a handful of visual improvements and also increases the biome variety so I think it’ll still be a noticeable change for players. All of these are helping to contribute to making a very pretty game (especially since the NEXT update) look even more so. Further details and screenshots can be found here.

It’s been ages since I last played the game so missed both of these arriving but I’m still impressed with the rate in which clear improvements are being made. Also got to say I really like how they present them in both these videos and their patch notes… short, sweet and great to look at. 🙂

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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  1. It’s great how they haven’t given up on this. Despite the whining and wailing when it first came out (which, as my friend Chris and I discussed on our podcast a while back, was primarily due to both press and public alike having unrealistic expectations — the final release came out as exactly what I expected it would be!) there’s clearly still people keen to continue playing and supporting this. And they’re being rewarded with some really cool new additions.

    I should give it another go sometime, but so many other things to play…

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    • Completely agree Pete. I thought it was a pretty good game on release. In fact I think with the NEXT update they have made it a bit more of a grind now. I’m still completely hooked on RDR 2 so one day I may get back to this. Trying to convince Night Owl to buy on Xbox too, so we can co-op 🙂

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