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Star Wars Celebration – The Panels!

In case you were wondering why the sudden deluge of Star Wars news and excitement there’s been a little event in Chicago called Star Wars Celebration that’s been fuelling fans (ie. me too!) fervour. The amount of information being revealed is considerable, and I’ve already posted a couple of items, but the real meat of those announcements are in the panels themselves. There’s plenty more to see via the Star Wars YouTube channel but the videos cherry-picked below are a good place to start.

The Episode IX Panel – finally getting to see the teaser trailer for the upcoming film was a big deal and that there were a few surprises is an understatement. If you’ve seen the trailer before seeing the video below it’ll confirm some suspicions that you might have.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Panel – the single player Star Wars game we were hoping to see come from EA much sooner. Being developed by Respawn Entertainment of Titanfall and Apex Legends fame it’s been a long time coming but we’ll finally have that experience we’ve been waiting for since EA got the license.

The Mandalorian Panel – The first of the big live action Star Wars television series to be heading to Disney’s upcoming streaming service. Starring Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers and Gina Carano the show sounds like it will have a strong Western vibe judging from commentary from the opening of the panel. Unfortunately the teaser footage was left out of the below video but there’s still enough below to whet your appetite.

There’s plenty more to see via the YouTube channel and I’m eagerly digging through as many videos as I can as soon as they’re released. 🙂

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