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Star Wars Celebration: Even More Panels!

Star Wars Celebration has been like a gift that keeps on giving with a deluge of content to feed most fan appetites. To have an event that’s on the scale of a PAX but solely dedicated to Star Wars seems amazing and maybe one day we’ll see one in our neck of the woods. Until that time arrives we at least have YouTube! These are the last two videos of the event that I’m posting but hopefully not the last of the news we see this year. The franchise will be taking some bold steps so it’s an exciting time ahead of us. 🙂

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – the series has returned again to finish off in the manner it well deserves with season six and creator/director Dave Filoni is here with he cast to discuss what’s to come. Sneak peeks of what’s to come are included too.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 20th Anniversary – I can’t believe it’s already been twenty years since The Phantom Menace! Members of the cast and crew talk with Warwick Davis about their time on the movie.

Don’t forget to see all the videos via the Star Wars YouTube channel.

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