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Star Wars Celebration: More Panels!

The awesomeness that is the Star Wars Celebration resulted in information overload for everyone interested in the franchise and though I covered a number of the big panels in the first half of the event there was still more to check out… Even after it is over. All of these can be found at the Star Wars YouTube channel but I’ve posted the big ones below.

In conversation with Alan Tudyk – having played K-2SO in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and also a rather popular character in a little known series called Firefly Alan is often a fixture on the convention circuit when he’s not starring in TV and films. Here he talks about life, Star Wars and the times when the two intersect. Hosted by a fellow Star Wars alumni in Warwick Davis (Wicket the Ewok amongst many) it’s a great session to watch.

Droids and Animatronic Creatures of Star Wars Live Panel – another panel hosted by Warwick Davis where he interviews special effectss maestro Neal Scanlan and goes into the work done on bringing the creatures of Star Wars to life. With a renewed push to leverage both practical and digital effects it’s interesting to see the behind the scenes footage to understand the work required to make it all happen.

Doug Chiang: The Evolution of Star Wars Design – Designing Episode I Live Panel – much like Ralph McQuarrie was a big factor in the look of the original trilogy Doug Chiang was in the same position the prequels. Here he tells the story of how he got there and the work involved in making those movies have their own unique spin on the established look of Star Wars.

As much as I love Star Wars I’m also fascinated with the work that went into making it all so these are great to watch from that perspective. 🙂

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