Why I’m not back playing The Division 2

When The Division 2 first launched I was excited to get back into the franchise after eventually being won over by the first game. The sequel continued that game’s high standards and the first month or two (despite a couple of bugs) was full of many great experiences and the strongholds were a brilliant addition.

Then the eight player raid arrived. This was one of the major additions myself and a group of my friends were REALLY looking forward to and it might have been the icing on the cake except for two things. The first was a patch that rebalanced the Gear Scores making anyone’s hard work to get a 500+ score wasted. Having to grind again to restore what was lost is not a great use of my playing time, sorry. The second was that the raid was just too difficult. The first team to beat it on PC needed ten hours (!) to do so and maybe players have been able to reduce that significantly but reports of it being harder on console gives little incentive to invest further time in it.

Whether the developers have done anything to improve the situation since the raid launched I don’t know but I didn’t like thinking that it was assumed that everyone can spend excessive amounts of time in front of their television to complete these kinds of challenges. It feels like the game made the same mistake I saw with the original Destiny where once the core content was complete, the “good stuff” (ie. raids) required too much of casual players to make it feasible. And I dropped that game like a hot potato when I realised it and it looks like I’ve done the same for The Division 2 as well.

So it’s certainly not the only game guilty of expecting too much of players but as a result of that roadblock I ended up returning to Ghost Recon Wildlands which offers an abundance of missions too but no where near the same time commitment for any single task. Will my opinion change? Maybe but in the meantime there’s a lot of other great games I can spend my time and money on. 🙂

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  1. I quit shortly before the raid released. Once I learned that Massive was nerfing my character to oblivion I said, “screw it” and left. I haven’t been back since. They don’t respect my time so why should I keep playing their game. And their obsession to get people playing in the Dark Zone needs to stop. Most people are playing for the PvE, not the PVP and Massive is hell-bent on trying to increase their PVP numbers. So I’m not going back to The Division 2 until either Underground 2 releases or something similar to that mode and we get actual gear sets that matter.

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