Dealing with the GeForce Experience 0x0003 Issue

With graphics cards being the complicated beasts they are a whole lot of software is behind the scenes keeping them running and often they run into their own issues. For me the biggest problem I’ve had over the years is with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience application.

The concept of it is great – it informs you of the latest drivers and scans your games offering “optimal” graphics settings to get the most out of your card. That’s all fine but the number of times I’ve had the application fail to run after an update is frustrating. The error in question returns a code of 0x0003 and thankfully a user in the GeForce forums found a solution.

Servicing the card

The Services app opened and scrolled down to the graphics card items.

What’s likely the cause is that one or more of the support services the application relies on is not running on your Windows PC. Opening the Services app and scrolling down there are four installed on my PC:

  • NVIDIA Display Controller LS
  • NVIDIA LocalSystem Container
  • NVIDIA Network System Container
  • NVIDIA Telemetry Container

For me it was the last (NVIDIA Telemetry Container) that wasn’t running. Trying to start it didn’t resolve my issue as it wouldn’t budge and restarting the other three didn’t help either. The solution here was to change the Log On setting for the telemetry service to use the local system account and allow it to interact with the desktop (see image below).

Changing how the telemetry service runs.

Once that change was made the service started up right away and the GeForce Experience app was now working. I wouldn’t say it’s an ideal solution as a user really shouldn’t be needing to manually change an application’s permissions, in this case via account access, but in the past I had been furiously reinstalling drivers and even refreshed my PC once last year because of this problem so I guess it’ll do for now. 😉

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