Now installing… Gears 5

Time to starting practising your roadie run people as Gears 5 is only days away before the first batch of players are able to return again to Sera. Anyone who preordered the Ultimate Edition or subscribes to Game Pass Ultimate can start playing from the 6th of September with everyone else chainsawing away on the 10th of September.

Following on from the last game the story revolves around Kait Diaz and the revelation that she may have a little too much in common with humanity’s enemies… how that plays out we’ll soon see but once again there’s an angry old Marcus Fenix to contend with who I hope has more time in this game than the last! The campaign supports up to three players and is likely to encourage multiple playthroughs for the completionists out there.

Clocking in at over 66GB on PC and 59GB on Xbox One the game is intended to be one of the biggest yet in the Gears of War franchise, all running at up to 4K/60fps. With the new Escape mode and a map builder it’ll also be the first of the games to allow for user generate content which I hope we see extended out to the other game modes too.

Will it deliver and be an appropriate send-off for the franchise this generation before the new console arrives? We’ll find out soon enough! 🙂

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