Games I’ve been playing – September 2019

It’s been a relatively quiet month for me juggling between work and the family feeling a little unwell from a virus but past that’s not stopped me playing games and once again I find a few ones I fall back to when I’m wanting a quiet evening.

Ready for take off, Wing Commander!

Getting back into Wing Commander had taken a bit of time initially as I was convinced I was going to need to meddle with DOSbox settings to fix the loose mouse controls but thankfully switching to my trusty flight stick solved the issue. It’s still amazing to think how much that one game defined the genre but it still plays well and for players wanting story you have that in spades too. The big one for the month though was of course Gears 5 which is the kind of big budget Xbox game I haven’t seen launch on the platform in a long time. With its strong campaign and full multiplayer suite there’s plenty to keep players occupied for a long time and it seems to be doing well on Game Pass too.

Elite Dangerous made its return to my rotation with the latest update that at face value is just quality of life changes and a new virtual currency but with the ability for players to earn these ARX credits in the game, albeit slowly, it does give everyone a chance to earn enough to make their ships their own. Dead Cells also received an update recently which I might not get a chance to see much of as I still need to get tothe end first (!) but it did draw me back in for a few more runs and I continue to be in awe of just how amazing this game handles. For me it might just be my most perfect platformer… even if it continues to make me suffer at every opportunity.

I also jumped into a few games of Forza Motorsport 6. One of the features of the Xbox One dashboard lets you see what achievements you are close to unlocking and I had one for Forza 6 sitting there for more than a year… it was time to go! Even after that I spent some time playing more of the game. It may have been bettered by its sequel (which has changed a LOT in two years) but it still holds up incredibly well. A little bit of time was spent in Sea of Thieves too and can see that a lot of players a likely going to get themselves pets in the game because they are pretty cool to see in action.

I’ve been working my way through this one dungeon A LOT.

The Bard’s Tale Trilogy soaks up more of my time too as I make my way around Skara Brae. The game may come across as being simplistic due to its legacy but it still carries the same DNA as modern games in the genre. You will grind a lot and retrace steps often but it soon becomes second nature and thanks to this version having quick load times it never feels like too much of a chore. There’s still the odd curve ball being thrown your way and a couple of times I’ve needed some help but I’m still enjoying it and the gradual progress I make too.

Finally, I thought I’d take advantage of Game Pass and take a peek at the Metal Gear Solid HD collection as I was a big fan of MGS2: Substance on the original Xbox and never had a chance to play MGS3. That nostalgia was dampened though when I jumped into MGS2 and realised just how annoying those default controls are… they don’t compare to any other third person game on Xbox which made them annoying back in the day and even more so now. The port doesn’t seem well optimised for the 360 or backward compatibility either so it hasn’t aged as well as I thought it might. Still… I might get back to it and try to get accustomed to the controls again though because I really want to play MGS3!

In the middle of next month it’s PAX Australia with a few days of gaming bliss and so I’m sure I’ll be book ending that with a few things but I’ll see how it goes! 🙂

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