Now downloading… Destiny 2: New Light

The “new” Destiny 2 is here with the free to play component now available for players to download on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Games Radar has a good breakdown of what you get and the gist of it is that it includes the Year One content, some of Year Two and the rest you’ll need to purchase. The Shadowkeep expansion was released in conjunction with this and future paid DLC is still in the pipeline so the developers at Bungie are keeping themselves pretty busy.

The initial download runs at around 92GB on my Xbox One X, though on the Xbox web site it states the game is 105GB as of October 1st. I never thought I’d check out the sequel after being disappointed with the original game but this is a pretty cool gesture by the developers to throw in so much content to get players on board and that can’t be faulted. It also resets the experience for players across all platforms too so PC and Xbox players aren’t being left behind on exclusives any more (Activision have moved on to screwing Call of Duty players now). It might work too… I’m downloading it so definitely worked on me at this point. Now to go and give the game a go… 🙂

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