The Oculus Quest is getting some great new features

Just when you think the Oculus Quest is going to settle down and just keep releasing Quest VR titles, a couple of huge announcements come along that could make the Quest so much better.

The first is Oculus Link, which will enable you to tether your Oculus Quest via a USB 3 Type C cable. This will apparently enable you to play all the higher resolution version of the Rift, with apparently little compromise in terms of latency and quality. I am hoping that this tethered experience will extend to Rift games bought from the Steam Store as well. I’ll report back on this once Oculus Link comes out in November.

If the gesture touch control works as the demos show, it will be very impressive.

The other announcement made has been around full ten finger touch gesture control on the Oculus Quest. Due out early next year, this will enable you to control your Quest via your fingertips. The demo videos showing this are very impressive, but as with all tech demos the final result will be the true test. I hope it works well because it would be handy for watching movies to just pause and play via a gesture.

I like Mike – he is good at VR game reviews and hands on with upcoming VR tech.

Another feature coming to the Quest (already available on the Rift S) is Passthrough+. This will enable users a true 3D, real-time view of their play space. This could lend itself to some amazing augmented experiences, when you combine this with the upcoming finger gesture control. On top of this there is still the upcoming changes to the Oculus OS that will enable you to disable the guardian feature for watching movies.

These are some of the great new features coming to the Oculus Quest that I can’t wait to try out. If these upcoming new ideas work as claimed, I think the Oculus Quest will certainly tick a lot of boxes for users wanting to get into VR for the first time.

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