Fable Heroes resurrected in February 2020’s Xbox Games with Gold

February is quickly inbound and the next batch of Games with Gold titles along with it. The full details are here on Major Nelson’s site but in short we’ve got incoming:

  • TT: Isle of Man (Feb 1-29, Xbox One)
  • Call of Cthulhu (Feb 16-Mar 15, Xbox One)
  • Fable Heroes (Feb 1-15, Xbox 360 BC)
  • Star Wars Battlefront (Feb 16-Feb 29, Xbox 360 BC)

It was a bit of a surprise seeing Fable Heroes make an appearance – I’ll admit when it first arrived on the 360 I tried out the demo (co-op Fable!) but it quickly disappeared off my radar. The visual design certainly didn’t help as it seemed like an unnecessary change. I don’t know if it caught on but unlike Fable Legends it did at least launch and that obscurity may play into its favour with it returning here.

The original Star Wars Battlefront is a cool inclusion but not unexpected considering the sequel made an appearance here not that long ago. For players who feel constrained by the latest games this will get them right into the action. EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II is (now) a much better game but it’s not easy to get into any game modes apart from Capital Supremacy unless you’re willing to wait a long time. So it may not be as pretty as the latest games but you can still get that big battle experience even if you’re going to be playing the game solo (!).

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