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Elite Dangerous: The Long Haul #9

I didn’t think I’d be making another entry since I’d reached my destination last week but after just arriving at the Great Annihilator I really had to make another post and add a short epilogue to my travels. 🙂

If you think visiting one black hole might be intimidating, try two! Arriving in the system I was very glad to have my ship set to to dethrottle on exiting hyperspace because the visual distortion when being so close was really distracting at first so you need to get your bearings before committing to a course. Visiting the tourist beacon and scoring some scans was all I really needed here so it was time to lay in a course that would get me back to the bookmarked route I had laid out during my Sagittarius A* trip. Just under 115 jumps now to that route marker and after that it’s hopefully smooth sailing back to Colonia.

With the extra time on my hands during the last few days it’s been easier to dive into the game and progress my return trip quicker than planned. For anyone who has games that allow them to whittle away the hours until we’re all healthy again to venture outside it’s probably a minor blessing to have games like this that will help time pass more quickly. And with luck we’ll all be able to stare at the REAL stars once more soon.

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