PUBG and Bots: The Epilogue

Funnily enough after posting about my thoughts on the introduction of bots to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds I actually got my first solo win in the game! It’s cool to finally get to the end and that reach that elusive chicken dinner but I also have a sneaking suspicion that most of my kills in this game (a record for me) were bots.

But even if that were the case I did have a lot of things go in my favour this game which was rare. For starters I landed at a location alone with plenty of weapons and ammo to start with so did not have to worry about being selective in what I chose to carry (a G36C and AKM) or be conservative with my shots when I finally ran into anyone. Additionally the movement of the circles put me in a strong position to scope out the terrain around me as I have a very bad habit of rushing in and being shot in the back. It all added up to an unexpected win.

From this I do have to admit it is a nice feeling to accomplish this irrespective of what might have contributed to my success. Being able to spend more time in a single game does give players an opportunity to hone their skills while furthering their experience and even if it is not the same as an all human game hopefully it will improve the base skills of everyone playing to make the end game a better experience for all. 🙂

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