Microsoft Flight Simulator takes off August 18

This announcement was a pleasant surprise! I was thinking it might still be many more months before we’d finally see Microsoft Flight Simulator exit beta and become a release game but turns out it’s almost ready to go. Arriving on PC August 18, including PC Game Pass, there’ll be three editions available with their higher tier ones including additional planes and airports.

The Flight Simulator series has an incredibly long history (almost 40 years!), even more so if you factor in the earlier games from Sublogic and many of the games have enjoyed long lifespans thanks to thirds party mods and expansions that continued to breathe life into them well past their release date. Having Microsoft willing to commit to a new game that’s tied so closely with their own history on the PC platform is great to see. There’s no word yet on the Xbox version and how it’ll tie into this one (Play Anywhere?) which is making it hard for me to decide where and how I’ll invest in the game but having the standard edition in Game Pass will give everyone a chance to check it out soon and see if they can spot their houses from up high… if you don’t get distracted by everything else. 🙂

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