Ubisoft Forward – Thoughts

Without E3 to showcase their upcoming games, the house that Rayman built went all in with a livestream letting us all catch a glimpse of what to expect. It certainly starts off well with a cinematic trailer for Watch Dogs Legion that really does a great job of selling the world and oozes style. Wish the whole game shared that look though because it would make for something that would stand out even further. The gameplay trailer achieves a good result in highlighting the unique aspect of the new game in how anyone in the world could be a potential recruit and bring their own skills to completing objectives. Like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, this will be another title that supports Xbox Smart Delivery meaning those players who jump to the next generation consoles will get access to an enhanced version of the game for no additional cost.

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s stab at the Battle Royale genre and is now in open beta on PC and looks like it takes some cues from Mirror’s Edge in a player’s ability to go vertical and perhaps even a little from Ready Player One with the world you battle in being a computer simulation with it’s potential for variety and “hacks” to influence gameplay. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla isn’t far away and I’m fascinated with the choices made in this game with the England of the era bringing an interesting mix of cultures up against the Vikings and their own Norse beliefs. I’m well behind on playing games in the series but I’m liking how this looks. The first reveal of Far Cry 6 which is scheduled for February 2021 looks sensational and really sets the tone of what to expect.

The full livestream is below but skip ahead to 1 hour 28 minutes to only see the show itself. Ubisoft are promising more later in the year which is likely to line up with the new consoles and their arrival so it’s nice seeing that the wait for games is edging closer for everyone. With a lot of negative press coming out recently they really needed to show that they could move beyond it (“forward” even?) and hopefully this is a good sign.

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  1. I’m actually keen for Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and Watch Dogs Legion. Due to Valhalla coming out almost the same time as Cyberpunk I’ll pick it up next year. For me, Far Cry 6 will be a definite launch title.


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