Nvidia throws down the gauntlet again with the 30 series cards and more

New consoles may be incoming that are powered by AMD parts but that’s not stopping Nvidia from reminding everyone who’s still king when it comes to the top tier in graphics. Not only are their latest graphics cards on show to blow the competition away but their software tools designed to leverage the hardware are impressive too. It helps a lot that CEO Jensen Huang is a natural when it comes to hosting events like this… even from his kitchen! The full video is below.

These new cards are going to leverage technology that will be seen in the upcoming Xbox to improve load times but with plenty of Nvidia’s own secret sauce to reduce latency including the introduction of a 360Hz monitor for the ultimate in response times. And then there’s the top tier 3090 card for 8K gaming at 60 frames per second which will likely costing as much as three new Xboxes or PlayStations. What’s really amazing though are that the new consumer cards (3070, 3080) are going to be priced much better than its 20 series predecessors. I suppose that could be due to a lot of factors including improvements in technology and that the bitcoin mining boom (which bumped up prices massively during the 10 series days) has dropped off. It’ll be interesting to see if it means that the older cards will become cheaper… we can only hope!

The timing of the announcement couldn’t have come at a better time with more games on the horizon supporting ray tracing and others like Minecraft and Fortnite joining them too. And with recent games like Microsoft Flight Simulator giving PCs around the world a good thrashing plenty of gamers are getting incentives to upgrade. From someone still running a 970 I’ve got some catching up to do…

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