Indiana Jones game in development with Bethesda!

Even after yesterday’s news about the return of Lucasfilm Games, I still didn’t expect to read this so soon! Twitter this morning had plenty of juicy nuggets coming from Xbox and Bethesda including these:

There’s been a long history of Indiana Jones video games from the Atari 2600 right up to the Wii. The graphic adventures tended to get a lot of attention but later games like Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb would fully go into Tomb Raider territory… a game genre that was first inspired by those original movies. I’m not afraid to admit I have a number of these games in my collection!

As mentioned in Bethesda’s tweet it’ll still be a long time before we see anything from MachineGames in relation to this but it’s also been likely they’ve been negotiating for the rights for a while too. The Lucasfilm Games announcement was clearly made in advance to allow this to come through and avoid stirring up too much wild discussion (I really should take not of that 🙂 ). It doesn’t change EA’s Star Wars deal but allows all their properties to fall under that common banner so it may just be business as usual for the time being.

Any new discussions are going to be now be around Microsoft’s impending takeover of Bethesda… does this mean another major Xbox exclusive? Whether it is (or not) one thing for certain is it would be a massive addition to Game Pass… the kind of thing that could appeal to the mainstream and receive a hell of a lot of advertising too.

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