Star Wars game coming from Ubisoft/Massive!

And here I was thinking the Lucasfilm Games announcements would end after the Bethesda one! The latest tweet posted sums up the news nicely:

Having Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment working on a new game does make you wonder what they have in store for players. Worth noting that before The Division, Massive also worked in the real time strategy/tactics field with Ground Control so they do have experience in genres that past Star Wars games have appeared in. If I were to think of what I’d like them to do with their existing tech and the license I’d lean towards something that ties with Star Wars: Rebels where a team drops into Imperial occupied cities, sneaks around completing missions while picking fights with Stormtroopers plus the occasional bossfight with a walker or two. It slots together almost as easily as Battlefield/Battlefront

Seeing as EA still has that exclusivity deal it might mean we’re not going to be seeing this for a couple more years but it also does confirm it’s not being extended. When that time comes it’ll be interesting to see if EA will continue to support the games they produce in the long term (as they have been) or it will drop off rapidly. Comparisons will certainly be made when going up again Ubisoft who have a reputation for supporting (and improving) online titles when others would have long given up. That kind of commitment to their games would not go unnoticed. It may also breed some healthy competition between developers and publishers as they’ll all be competing for your attention. If EA doesn’t have a Battlefront III as the first salvo I would be VERY surprised…

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