Build and fight in May 2021’s Xbox Games with Gold

April is ending soon and so we’ve got the latest announcement of games coming to Games with Gold soon. Details can be found on Xbox Wire but the games in question are:

  • Armello (Xbox One, May 1-31)
  • Dungeons III (Xbox One, May 16-Jun 15)
  • Lego Batman (Xbox 360 BC, May 1-15)
  • Tropico 4 (Xbox 360 BC, May 16-31)

Apart from Lego Batman the others are totally new to me. Dungeons III looks enough like classic Dungeon Keeper that it could win people over and Tropico 4 with it’s Sim City style mechanics could be another winner. Armello certainly looks like the prettiest game of the bunch too. There’s been a bit of negativity with respect to these games with some thinking more notable titles should be offered but personally I’m happy we’re still getting games. There’s a chance this kind of offer will disappear when Game Pass takes over and the Gold subscription is phased out so the time for these offers may be limited. Plus I doubt we’ll ever see Call of Duty given away so even with a “lean” month like this it is more than enough for me. 🙂

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