April game pickups and more on Warzone

Looking at the number of posts I made this month I was surprised it was a little quiet considering I had also picked up a few titles from one of Xbox’s regular sales. I had plenty to write about for sure but turned out the games themselves had distracted me… go figure! Anyway I added these titles to my collection this month (all Xbox):

  • Titan Quest
  • Homefront: The Revolution
  • Mad Max
  • Sega Mega Drive Classics

I had heard a lot of good things about Titan Quest being one of the better Diablo clones and this was like the third or fourth sale that had tempted me so I finally caved in. Homefront was like that too but I was keen to play a different shooter for a change and it’s been a pleasant surprise. Mad Max was recommended by Grocs a while back and seeing as I enjoyed one of the developers other games in Rage 2 it’s another I hope to spend time on. Sega Mega Drive Classics feels a bit like me buying yet another version of something I already have as I think I had similar styled collections on both Xbox and 360 but I still find these games to be fun distractions. With me previously having plenty of Call of Duty rage quits thanks to cheating and terrible skill based matchmaking I needed the more chill experiences!

Speaking of Call of Duty, the new season of Warzone/Cold War is here and I haven’t got a lot to say about it yet but I do like that the developers have allowed for weapon unlocks to be achieved in the Zombies modes in addition to multiplayer. The co-op Outbreak mode has become more popular among my friends than Warzone so this rewards players nicely for their time here too. The challenges are different to MP (more grinding) but does give players a fair chance to get the more unique weapons, especially the melee items which require a lot of skill, dexterity and luck to unlock in regular multiplayer. As for Verdansk (Warzone’s main map) finally getting a facelift it’s looking good so far with enough changes to make players have to rethink their tactics during games. It’ll be interesting to see how well it will be embraced by players over the next few months. 🙂

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