State of Decay 2 still getting impressive updates

Popping up on my feed recently was details related to the latest update to State of Decay 2 and I’ve got to hand it to the team at Undead Labs as they continue to not only offer new features but also changes to gameplay twists that which help to make this a better game than when it launched back in 2018.

Details can be found here and here but the two changes that stood out for me was a new “plague territory” gameplay feature where plague hearts (squishy zombie attractors) now prevent the territory surrounding them from being claimed which forces players to be more proactive in dealing with them to get their hands on needed resources. In previous games I’d often avoid the plague hearts for half the game until my community was well established so this would really change my plans. The other noticeable change is a sidearm slot that allows players to have access to a backup weapon without the need to go through the inventory menu. Just that alone could help a lot of new players avoid early deaths. I imagine these features and more are coming to State of Decay 3 but seeing these updates now is really encouraging for how the franchise continues to be managed. The Juggernaut Edition was a huge improvement when it arrived last year so it’s great to see that the team haven’t slowed down in supporting it – looking through their list of patch notes there’s been close to a dozen updates in the last eighteen months!

I normally reserve my discussions about updates to only a couple of games but I really like hearing that other games I’ve enjoyed a lot continue to get attention and it’s making me think I may have to start another community and see how I go… 😉

State of Decay 2 is out now on PC and Xbox.

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  1. I played this again yesterday after the latest updates. Very impressive and I’m so glad we now can easily switch between a primary and secondary weapon.

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