Frontier shares new issue tracking report with Elite Dangerous players

After numerous issues that have faced Elite Dangerous since the Odyssey expansion launched the developers at Frontier have needed to change their approach for not only resolving issues but how they communicate it to the community. One of the most notable is the release of their first issue tracker report, which can be found here via the Frontier Forums.

I’m sure plenty of people will respond thinking this should have been done a long time ago and they’re probably right – the game has a hardcore community with a lot of knowledge across platforms and their desire for sharing information and helping each other is substantial. I’ll look at this with a “glass half full” perspective and just be glad it’s now happened. It doesn’t necessarily mean they take priority over other work but having it highlight the issues most important to the players with their current status at least lets people know what progress is being made.

For Frontier I’d imagine they’d be hoping to reach a point where no issue exceeds double figure in voting, or at least any that do are the exceptions. There’s still a lot to do but hopefully something like this will help unify both the developers and community on seeing the most important issues get resolved. And with that the Elite Dangerous release schedule for consoles may finally get back on track too.

Elite Dangerous is out now for PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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