Interesting times as Forza Motorsport 7 sunsets in September

Due to the changing tides of game development the team at Turn 10 have spent more time than ever before building the next iteration of the Forza Motorsport franchise. I doubt anyone thinks the extra time is a bad idea but the end result of it is we’re actually going to see the current game in the series (Forza Motorsport 7) get delisted from stores well ahead of its sequel arriving.

Arriving in 2017, Forza Motorsport 7 also heralded the arrival of the Xbox One X (via a patch) which meant it became a great showpiece for Microsoft’s first 4K capable console and it really showed too. Racing games seem to now be the “go to” genre for showing just how well your console can produce realistic visuals and FM7 excelled at that. There was however a lot of criticism from the community in relation to a number of design decisions (Grocs had a few things to say as well) which made the developers reevaluate many of their choices. To their credit they responded and the game has changed a lot over the years and is better for it so it wouldn’t surprise me if much of this work has also been guiding the future direction of the franchise. Plenty of these choices might also be influenced by its more freeform stablemate too.

For years, Forza games have appeared at a mostly regular cadence every couple of years and with the arrival of Forza Horizon we’d then see them alternate release windows. But this year is the first time that we’ve had two Horizon games back to back with Forza Horizon 5 coming soon. There’s no doubt that Forza Horizon‘s success has likely influenced Motorsport too – the series ability to reinvent itself with new locales and events makes it a flashy alternative to a game that relies more on familiar tracks and traditional racing. One of the most notable influences the new series has on the old one is the “Forzathon” – limited time events that reward players for taking part. Combined with a shop that rotates content regularly and there’s always something new for players to see and earn even if they don’t play through the base content.

It’s a shame that once again the issue of licensing, related to the cars, is ending the game. At this point in the it’s lifetime they likely reached a point where they wouldn’t recoup any money spent trying to renegotiate new deals and it was better for them to walk away from it. It’s not great for fans but if you own a copy of the game (disc or digital) you can still continue to play it. The official date for FM7‘s delisting is September 15th and until that date the game is selling at 75% off in the Xbox store. It might be a good deal for many players as depending on the bundle you can get access to a lot of DLC too.

If the more more traditional racer is your thing then check it out on Xbox Game Pass before September 15 and see if you want to keep it. We thought it was pretty good too and though it may be at the end of its official run it’ll still be the Forza Motorsport game that best shows what the future holds until the new game hopefully arrives next year.

Forza Motorsport 7 is out now for PC and Xbox platforms.

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