Things that can be improved in Forza Motorsport 7

UPDATE #1 (19th October) – A no collision multiplayer hopper has been added. This makes multiplayer a lot more fun. Auction House, Forzathon and Leagues are still to be made active.

I’ve been playing Turn 10’s latest racing game, Forza Motorsport 7, for ten days now. In that time I have picked on some features that still haven’t made their way into the launch of the game. Some of these features were even in Forza Motorsport 6.

What is also surprising is that some great features from Forza Horizon 3 are also absent from this latest iteration. My guess is because Turn 10 has the motto of always keeping the game to 60fps, hence why some of these features are completely absent.

Blueprints and Co-op campaign mode, both present in Forza Horizon 3, would be very welcome in Turn 10’s latest racer. Unfortunately that is not meant to be.

Forza Motorsport 7 (9)

What is missing still, even a full week after the standard edition launch, is the auction house and leagues. Hopefully these will be activated in the next patch.

What is even more disturbing though is the complete lack of AI availability in private multiplayer lobbies. There is no reason for this and I hope Turn 10 actually re-introduce this in the private multiplayer lobby very soon. It was in the previous Forza Motorsport game so there is no reason not to have it.

Public multiplayer lobbies are still pretty terrible, with other players just wanting to smash you off the track in the first lap so private lobbies are where a lot of proper gamers get their racing fix.

Forza Motorsport 7 (15)

The dynamic weather is not so dynamic, and from what I’ve played there is no night / day cycle either. You either set it to a day race, or a night one (and only on some tracks). I hope that future patches and the release of the Xbox One X might allow these sort of features to appear, but I have my doubts.

Let’s hope Turn 10 continues to improve what I think is a great game, because these additional features will go a long way to keeping gamers, like myself, happy.

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  1. They have royally messed this game up. Wtf you need the drivatars for? All they do is block the screen up, pointless. Can’t pick different classes for multiplayer. They added a new multiplayer yesterday which is full sim and totally unplayable cause of the fact you constantly get hit. No classes in rivals lobbies. Tuning and paint saves go missing or get altered when you save them. Getting disconnected alot of the time. Don’t need anymore cars we need more tracks. Invent more if you have to can’t be that hard??. Only thing I like are the new tracks and the actual driving which is great. Sorry it out turn 10 because all you had to do was update 6 really and listen to the community.


  2. I actually like the drivatars, particularly when you turn the AI agressiveness off. There are usually only a couple of us playing at once so it is good to add a few more to the grid. I agree though, it seems the game was rushed quite a bit for multiplayer. All relative though – try Gran Turismo Sport and you’ll see how much better FM7 is.

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