The Return to Monkey Island surprise announcement rules

For me it’s been awsome seeing the recent announcement that Ron Gilbert and the team from Terrible Toybox (Thimbleweed Park) are creating a new entry in the Monkey Island adventure game series. Though Return to Monkey Island is intended to be a follow up to the first two games, the trailer does let you know quickly enough that not everything from the subsequent games is being ignored…

The response to the announcement has been universally positive too; it’s the game no one expected to see but now it’s coming the anticipation has ramped up very quickly. Can’t blame them either as there is a lot of talented developers, including many from the old LucasArts days, working on this and honestly you couldn’t find a better group to make a new game in the series. Considering how close the game is to arriving I’m amazed this was kept secret for so long. But this is pretty much all I needed to see and to know it’ll be on my radar when it arrives later this year. 🙂

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