Meat and beat (?) in June 2022’s Xbox Games with Gold

It’s a bit late but June’s Xbox Games with Gold titles were finally announced via Xbox Wire. Details can be found here but the games in question are:

  • Aven Colony (Xbox, Jun 1-30}
  • Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition (Xbox, Jun 16-Jul 15)
  • Super Meat Boy (Xbox 360 BC, Jun 1-15)
  • Raskulls (Xbox 360 BC, Jun 16-30)

It’s unexpected seeing Aven Colony and Project Highrise together in the same month as on face value you’d imagine they would scratch a similar itch in the construction/management sim genre but perhaps their unique settings will help each stand apart.

The real star has to be Super Meat Boy – this game was a massive success when it was first released through Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010 (!) and is still considered a classic platformer even now. An oldie but a goodie! 🙂

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