Xbox Games Showcase Extended (Round 2) – The Details

The Xbox team couldn’t settle with just one presentation showing off their games, they included another that allowed developers of some of the announced games a little more time to talk about what they’ve been working on. If any of the titles announced piqued your interest then this is a bit of a win as the main event really gave Redfall, Starfield the majority of time and to a lesser extent Diablo IV, Grounded and Forza Motorsport. The presentation can be checked out below.

  • It looks like Flight Simulator has a lot more planned in the future beyond the 40th Anniversary update (helicopters!) – it gives the impression the game has been a big success which deserves more attention.
  • The trailer for Ara: History Untold really gave off Civilization vibes and seeing as the team developing the game also worked on that series my interest has gone up a few levels.
  • The multiplayer element of As Dusk Falls works like a majority vote system to drive the narrative in certain directions. An interesting way to get everyone involved in a story.
  • Pentiment is an adventure that has you having to deal with events over an extended number of years. Some characters actually grow into adults, the timespan is that long. The theme appropriate art style really makes it stand out.

There was plenty more in the second presentation and overall I think it was a good accompaniment to the main one for people wanting more. Though I only covered Xbox here, there’s been a lot of annoucements during this period which is a hopeful sign that the worst of the pandemic troubles in games development are behind us. 🙂

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