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PAX Australia 2022 – Day Three

Final day at PAX and I’ve brought the family along to experience it themselves. A few less pictures posted here as a result but a lot more time spent walking around to let them experience what I’ve been doing alone for almost ten years (!) now. Sundays are good for first attendees as it’s a lot quieter – more comparable to Fridays.

If you had to choose a single day to attend I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for. Friday is great if you can take time off work – it’s quieter than Saturday and good if you want to buy exclusive stuff early before it sells out. Saturday is the full experience with the big crowds and a lot of the major events and panels too as some go well into the night. Sunday is good for families with fewer people like Friday and finishing up earlier too.

Being there with family was really cool – I haven’t had an opportunity to share it meant a lot and it was fun. Much walking was done and more random collectibles were added in the process. As everyone returns to “the new normal” and here in Melbourne that means COVID restrictions finally get fully lifted (next week, so timing was not ideal) it might mean more companies return to the show floor again next year. None of the console manufacturers being here makes it harder to find new games with your kids – there were still plenty of other titles but without a big Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo logo floating above it’s harder to attract attention. It wasn’t a big return but it feels a lot like a rebuilding phase, so fingers crossed we see more next year.

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