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Kobo Touch – eReader made easier

Kobo TouchLast Christmas my wife gave me a Kobo eReader which I enjoyed immensely. It ran for ages, was easy on the eye thanks to the e-ink display and let me store a pile of books for easy use and access. Unfortunately, I broke the screen a couple of months ago and have missed the convenience it had provided me.

This year my lovely wife did it again but upgraded me to a Kobo Touch and just to be safe, a screen cover.

First thing you notice is that despite the screen being a similar size, the unit itself is much smaller than the basic model. It makes for a very easy device to hold for extended periods. The control pad is replaced by a slim button as the rest of the functionality is done through the touch screen which is sensitive enough for the work it needs to do. After using the control pad on my old Kobo, the touch screen is something of a revelation. It makes use of the device so much easier and when it comes to reading, a lot more natural.

The software on the device offers a basic set of features to access both the content on the device and purchase new books via the Kobo bookstore. In addition a feature called Shelves has been added to allow manual grouping of books on the device which is a handy way to organise your books beyond alphabetising.

A neat feature of the device is its ability to sync your bookmarks to your Kobo account, allowing you to jump to an entirely different device, such as your PC, and continue reading whereyou left off.

Hidden extras include games of chess and sudoku and a sketchpad but there is also a basic web browser thrown in for good measure. The browser is not much but it is a handy addition to have if you don’t have another Internet device available.

When used in conjuction with the Kobo desktop application, the device is able to have its firmware updated. Its reassuring to know that your eReader has some scope for improvement past the time you first turn it on.

For those looking for the perfect introduction to eBooks and eReaders, can’t do much better than this. A compact and fun device that’s got me more keen on the format than ever before.

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