PAX.AU (2013) – Day 1 Impressions

PAX.AU 2013 Beginnings

As even the creators of Penny Arcade admitted, this first PAX Australia is “version 1.0” and there will be plenty of improvements made in the future.

Certainly in terms of planning the seating for the theatres they were a bit mixed. The main theatre used for the keynote, the Q&A and the Xbox One presentation was excellent but the other theatres seemed way too small to hold what sounded like popular panels. Why a Bioware panel would not be given more room was surprising; many camped in the queue well in advance to get their spot.

Apart from that though it did seem that some really good choices were made in allocating appropriate space for the crowd. Though there were some areas that were tight, there was a lot of walking room and less general congestion than expected. It made strolling through the Expo Hall a pleasure.

Of course there were still queues for food, ATMs, etc but at least your whole day wasn’t just one after the other. And for someone who will be there for the full three days, that’s appreciated.

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