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Surface revisited: now with Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Preview

What a difference twelve months can make to a platform.

After Surface was released last year there were questions about its viability, even with the stellar Pro version. A lot of that stemmed not from the hardware but the operating system; Windows 8 just seemed to create more confusion than justification.

But now we can see on the release of Windows 8.1 that Microsoft’s vision for the future of computing is not only as strong as Apple or Google’s plans but can make hardware sing.

At least with my experiences so far it is more about the little things that 8.1 does that makes using the Surface all the more enjoyable.

Being able to have a common background wallpaper between Metro and desktop apps makes the two environments feel like parts of a whole for the first time.

Apps opening into split windows naturally. Selecting a hyperlink in Twitter and seeing an Internet Explorer window open to the right side simply works.

Search really does become a first port of call by allowing users to get access to results not only from their computer but the Internet too. Options are available as well to filter out results from specific apps so you only get the results you truly want.

This is the tip of the iceberg but the end result is I am even more of a satisfied user of my Surface Pro. So Microsoft… mission accomplished.

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