Titanfall – The first, but not last, step in next gen gaming

The hype has gone and we now finally get to see 100% of the most hyped game of 2014 and one that I enjoyed the beta of however brief my time. Now playing the final version of Titanfall I can say this; you are going to have a ball with this game but it’s still got some way to go before it stands at the top of the FPS pile.

Probably the most disconcerting thing I’ve found is that at face value, what many had seen in the beta test was not that much different to the final game. Sure there are a couple of new tricks and more maps but the core experience is the same. And with even the campaign modes tied to online multiplayer, the whole package becomes variations of a theme.

And that is the main aspect that concerns me. Because the whole game lives and dies by this concentrated online experience, many who’ve grown up with games like Halo and Call of Duty will be asking “what else is there?”. DLC is on the way but I wonder if it needs to arrive sooner else the game may become stale.

Despite those concerns I am still impressed as hell with the game and it is amazing just how much effort the game goes in ensuring you get a chance to shoot up stuff. Mechanically the game is spot on; the controls can’t be criticised one little bit and the use of “burn cards” (one use player modifiers) adds a random factor to games that can be a match winner for any player.

Just recently I played a game where in my attempts to stop the opposing team from evacuating to a shuttle resulted in my Titan self destructing with the nuclear ejection perk and taking out the shuttle and its inhabitants. These kinds of surprises help keep your enthusiasm up more than you think.

What Titanfall shows is not only is there is more than one way to make multiplayer shooters but also that the developers at Respawn are more than able to take the perfect storm of Modern Warfare into new and exciting directions. There is still room for improvement but you can be pretty certain a sequel will be the true killer app for any platform it launches on.

Score: 8/10

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