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Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Cold War Marvel style

Captain America (Chris Evans) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) battling conspiracies aplenty in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

Captain America (Chris Evans) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) battling conspiracies aplenty in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.

The first Captain America film of this new era of Marvel movies was an old school adventure that met is goal easily in defining the character for a new generation. It’s sequel, The Winter Soldier evokes feelings of conspiracy thrillers but backed with the blockbuster budget of The Avengers.

Taking place after the big gang fest in New York, we see Steve Rogers still learning about finding his place in the world whilst continuing to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. with Black Widow. It’s here that we really begin to see the “real” superhero in action as he leaps, fights and throws his shield more times in ten minutes than he did in the previous two films.

Being a fish out of water would have been hard to maintain for the whole film so its great seeing Steve Rogers past coming back to haunt him and keeping the proceedings personal. After the attempt to add an edge to Superman in Man of Steel, its encouraging to see Marvel’s own boy scout stay true to the character. Instead of trying add a dark side or retcon his background, they’ve put him in a situation that is far from black and white and then show us how he handles it. Its a smart move that pays off well.

Chris Evans kicks arse in this movie. As the character has developed over previous films to here it’s become clear now that he’s achieved what Robert Downey Jr did with Iron Man and made it truly his own. With recent comments made by him in regards to leaving acting once the Marvel gig is up, you can understand why… there’s no way he’ll be replaced until he is well and truly done.

Having such a huge pool of talent backing him up is icing on the cake. Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson return as Nick Fury and Black Widow with perhaps more time than either have seen in any previous Marvel film and backed with some awesome solo sequences. Adding Robert Redford to the mix is the cherry on top of that icing.

If there is any one gripe it is perhaps tied with one of the most popular questions circulating about the film. That is, if the events that take place are so huge and the enemies so dangerous why didn’t any other Avengers show up to help the Captain out? I’m thinking perhaps it was their roster day off…

Anyway, I have to say that this has been the most surprising of the Marvel movies I’ve watched in that the genre mash up being performed works so brilliantly that it might just grab an even bigger audience than you would think. And the epic scope of the story puts it right up there with The Avengers and maybe even surpasses it.

A great crowd pleasing film worth seeing. Score: 9/10

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  1. I agree – great movie. I would put it up there with Avengers but I don’t think it quite surpasses it. Chris Evans has really humanised Captain America very well.


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