A Very Busy Gaming Month Ahead…

So after a mid year drought where not much was being released on the two next gen platforms it seems November is the month to go crazy and spend a few dollars.

The momentum has slowly been building from September and October.  We’ve had some good games come out at that time:

1.  Destiny –  over hyped but enjoyable with decent shooter mechanics.

2.  Forza Horizon 2  – great game and amazing looking on the Xbox One.  A great pick up and play game.

3.  Alien Isolation – review still coming but I found this to be a surprise hit for me and it was great to finally have a decent Alien licensed game.

Some big hits are coming out November on XB1 and PS4:

1.  Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare.  So far I’m loving this.  A much needed shot in the arm for the Call of Duty series.  Finally competitive multiplayer where I’m not coming last.

2.  Halo – The Master Chief Collection.  The real deal, not some poor (Destiny) copycat.  I can’t wait to revisit this world again.

3.  Assassins Creed – Unity.  Next gen only and looks mighty pretty.  Let’s hope the story is good too.  Adds co-op missions for the first time into the Assassins Creed universe.

4.  Far Cry 4 –  Should be good shooter fun in gorgeous locations.  You can use Elephants to cause destruction.

5.  Dragon Age Inquisition – Looking great and meant to be a huge world.  Please be better than Dragon Age 2 and more like the original.

6.  GTA V – re-mastered for next gen consoles (PC to follow next year).  Shows off a very impressive first person mode and looks gorgeous.  Your online progress can be transferred over from PS3 and 360 too.

Now that isn’t every game out this month – just the main highlights for next gen.  I’m broke already.  🙂

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