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Fitbit Flex – Simplicity leads to excellence

Different coloured bands are available but sometimes it's easier to stick with black.

Different coloured bands are available but sometimes it’s easier to stick with black.

After previous enjoying the benefits of a Fitbit device a few months later I did the one thing to it that is really going to ruin your day; I left in in the clothes as they went through the wash.

And no matter what degree of effort I put into drying it out the poor battery was a mere shell of what it once was and I had to retire it prematurely.

So after my wife and I decided to get on to another health and fitness kick, we’ve both upgraded to the Fitbit Flex to see how that plays out for us in the coming months.

Now, the Flex has been available for quite a long time and compared to the range of devices that Fitbit offers it might now be on the lower end of the scale but what it does offer is a degree of simplicity in its operation that makes it perfect for those who are new to fitness trackers.

There’s not a lot in the hardware itself; the tracker is about the size of a large capsule and works by being inserted into a rubber wristband (the package comes with a large and small size) that offers it a fair degree of protection. There is nothing to display apart from a row of five lights that flash depending on the mode it is in and the percentage towards your activity goal that you have reached, in 20 percent increments.

The use of a band is a great idea compared the Fitbit Ultra I had used previously. Being similar to a watch, you remember to take it off when needed (such as the shower) so the odds of it getting water damaged are a lot less. The only thing worth being mindful of is that sweat will seep into the band and it is worth cleaning both it and the tracker occasionally to avoid it getting too funky.

Your phone becomes your personal trainer with a Fitbit.

Your phone becomes your personal trainer with a Fitbit.

To access the band’s results, you need to be able to connect to the device via Bluetooth using either a phone, tablet or PC running the Fitbit software. A USB adapter is also included in the package for desktop PC users. Through the software you can create an account which will associate the tracker with you and allow a history of use be accumulated over time.

Through the Fitbit app you can also track additional activity as well as your dietary intake. A neat touch is that the tracker can also be configured to monitor your sleep which is handy in understanding your sleep quality.

With the increasing use of technology in the fitness marketplace it may seem odd to be highlighting one of the less complex products. But that simplicity allows it to perform its singular task extremely well and in a form factor that should be friendly to most users.

This is a great product for those aspiring to improve their fitness and not wanting to over spend as they get started.

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