More coming for Elite: Dangerous?

A recent Eurogamer article hints at more to come from Frontier Developments in relation to their game Elite: Dangerous. Whether the trademark “Elite: Deadly” is for an app, DLC or an entirely new game is open to a lot of conjecture and heated debate from backers concerned with how it will impact the existing game.

Elite: Dangerous launched late last year after a successful Kickstarter in January 2013. The game is a complex space sim that provides a simulated Milky Way galaxy for the player to live a life of exploring, trading, pirating or bounty hunting.

David Braben, Frontier’s founder, mentioned in an interview last year that the engine powering the game is the same one they use for their Xbox One games so I wonder if it might possibly be a console friendly version of the game. With No Man’s Sky looming as being a stand out title on PlayStation 4 and PC, there is opportunity to take advantage of interest in this style of game.

Right now, I’m just trying to get a hang of not crashing my ship into the side of a space station but hopefully that will translate into a review in the future.

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