Bloodborne is amazing

The PS4 has really had a rough start with a lot of its exclusives.  Drive Club was terrible and completely underwhelming, The Order: 1886 looked amazing but chose to go style over substance and really the only game it had going for it was a remastered one: The Last of Us.  Even Uncharted 4 has been delayed to 2016.

I can happily say that there is now one PS4 exclusive you have to own.

Bloodborne is the exclusive the PS4 needed to have.  Just when I was about to give up on the PS4 I have found myself completed addicted to this game.

For those who don’t realise, it is from the makers of Demon Souls and Dark Souls and it is completely amazing.  If you like the Dark Souls games (as I do) you just need to buy Bloodborne now.  If you have never played a Dark Souls game it can be punishing for newcomers and I would recommend reading the wiki page to try and pick up some tips.  Expect to die – A LOT.  But the amazing thing about this game and the Dark Souls games before it comes from the ability to learn from your mistakes.  You get a genuine feeling of satisfaction when you beat a tough beast.

The game mechanics have changed quite a bit and it did take me a bit of time to get use to them.  It rewards aggressive play.  You no longer have a shield with which to block, it is all about taking the attack to your enemies.  The game mechanics are great – if you get hit and attack quickly in return you’ll recover most of your health.  You have a lot more variety of moves now.  You can charge up attacks and use weapons like rifles and pistols to try and stun your opponent when it is about to attack you.

The level design is absolutely amazing.

For those who don’t have a PS4 keep in mind Dark Souls 2 is coming early next month to the XB1 and PS4.  I would highly recommend this game too.

Full review coming for Bloodborne over the next few weeks so I think I’ll stop writing now so I can get back to it…


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  1. The review is still coming – just may be a bit later than originally planned. Dark Souls 2 came out the following week and it has me completely hooked (again – I played it on 360). At least this means I can make some decent comparisons between the two games 🙂


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