The Witcher 3 – censorship and importing saves updated

So the critics reviews are in and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is getting great write ups.

I’ve got my pre-order (which these days on the console is rare for me) and can’t wait to start playing it when I get home from work Tuesday night.

I was curious as to whether The Witcher 3 was censored in Australia and I can happily report that in most countries it is not.  The first two Witcher games were censored in Australia unless you bought the US Steam versions of the game (usually in the form of the enhanced additions).  Thankfully Australia finally received a proper R rating and it is because of this that we have The Witcher 3 in its original, uncensored form.

CD Projekt RED did announce a week ago that some countries do have a censored version of the game though, all of which reside in the Middle East.   The countries that are affected are UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt and Jordan.

Witcher - town

On the plus side The Witcher 3 is set to receive complete Arabic localization, including UI and subtitle support.

Now on to whether you can import saves or not?

In short on the PC, yes you can.  You’ll be able to import your previous saves into The Witcher 3.  Console owners won’t be quite as lucky but CD Projekt RED haven’t forgotten them either.  With the console versions (XB1 and PS4) of the game you’ll be able to recount your tales to a barber and highlight how you played the main plot threads of the earlier games, much like Dragon Age: Inquisition allowed.

Not long to go now folks.  200+ hours of RPG goodness awaits.

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  1. Best put my job on hiatus and my girlfriend in the cupboard (it’s a spacious cupboard). Can’t wait for this.

    Will you be quite in there? I told you, I’m playing The Witcher. I’ll feed you in a minute. God! So selfish.

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  2. I’ll be able to play it Tuesday / Wednesday night but I am busy over next weekend so I won’t get to play it as much as I would dearly like. Not long now.

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