Windows 10 upgrades begin to arrive on PCs

If you registered your PC (either automatically or manually) for the free Windows 10 upgrade you may be already downloading it.

Check your PC’s hard disk and you may find a folder named $Windows.~BT – this is the new OS on its way down from Microsoft’s servers. If it’s not there yet, your PC may have to wait a little longer before the process begins as Microsoft will be staggering out the release over the coming weeks. Once it is ready, Windows will prompt you to start the upgrade.

Of the three machines I’ve been looking after, only my Surface Pro has begun the download process but is taking its time in doing so. With luck, this weekend I’ll be tinkering away on the new OS and will share my experiences as they happen.


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  1. Well I have 2 Windows 7 Pro machines and 1 Windows 8.1 Pro machines and the Windows 10 “update” has failed several times on each. I am using the “Media Creation Tool” now to see if that works better. This allows you to create a usb / dvd so you can install Windows 10 on multiple machines.

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  2. I think I might try to make a copy of the installer too as a backup. But seems like the upgrade works fine on my Surface Pro… actually was the most painless upgrade I’ve ever seen and was done in an hour.

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  3. Another handy hint with the “Media Creation Tool”. A lot of people are reporting issues with it saying “Something happened” (I ran into this as well). Change region setting to US on the machine you are upgrading on and apparently it works much better. I’ve download the ISO now and installing. I’ve used this great tool to make a bootable usb out of the iso – http://rufus.akeo.ie/

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