Microsoft begins prompting Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10

Anyone currently using Windows 7 may soon see a new icon in their system tray. Opening it reveals a tool that is designed to help users in the free upgrade to Windows 10.

Just register your PC through the tool and when the new OS becomes available it will download the necessary files and then prompt you to run the upgrade process.

Not everything appears to be ready yet – links to Microsoft help pages on their website are currently returning errors.

There’s a 3Gb required download and those of you with Windows Media Center installed will need to say bye to that as it will not be supported.

No release date has been confirmed yet by Microsoft but it is believed that Windows 10 will arrive around the months of July and August.

[UPDATE] Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore just tweeted the launch date: July 29! For more details, go here.

[UPDATE 2015-06-02] Just confirmed that the system tray app also appears on Windows 8.1 machines so it looks like the process will be similar for most users.


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  1. Didn’t have to wait long for my Windows 8.1 to get a little Windows 10 prompt on the taskbar. I’m pre-registered and ready to go for July 29th. From what I’ve seen of the preview build Windows 10 is going to be a kick ass OS. Can’t wait.


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