Konami rumour fuels excitement for E3… even if it isn’t true

Whether it was intentional or not, interest in what Microsoft has to say at E3 spiked thanks to a rumour circulating that Xbox One may become the new home for Silent Hills, a game (now cancelled) that was revealed spectacularly last year via the demo P.T. on PlayStation 4.

This rumour gained a lot of steam thanks to the circumstantial evidence of P.T.‘s removal from PSN and Konami’s inability to communicate what it and Metal Gear Solid maestro Hideo Kojima are up to. This fanned the flames for some time prompting enormous speculation that it may be more than just Silent Hills secured in a Microsoft deal. Alas, there appears to be nothing to it as Xbox’s Phil Spencer confirmed via Twitter.

Walking the hallways of P.T. got many a PlayStation gamer excited (and scared witless) for the future...

Walking the hallways of P.T. got many a PlayStation gamer excited (and scared witless) for the future…

Many gamers could see the potential – Konami has a long history in the business with I.P. that stretches back to early arcade games like Frogger, Scramble and Gyruss. Having access to those plus the company’s modern franchises would give any platform holder a significant amount of exclusives and properties to develop in the future.

At a time when both Sony and Microsoft are being criticised for the lack of games, this could be a means to that end as well as denying a competitor access to those too. Being an Xbox owner, I was certainly excited at the prospect that the Metal Gear Solid team might no longer treat my chosen console as a “secondary” platform.

Last year it was Capcom that was rumoured to be a buyout target and there’s the occasional rumbling that Sega may be in a similar position too. Even earlier than that, Microsoft had considered having a shot at Nintendo before they decided to go their own way and built the first Xbox. So this kind of news is not new.

With talk of big announcements coming up at E3, media outlets are scrambling to scrape together anything that might be considered newsworthy. And with two weeks to go before E3 begins, time is running out before everyone get caught in the deluge of games news.

The one rumour I’m wanting to be true above all others is that which announces a game beginning with “Fallout” and ending with “4”…

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  1. I doubt Konami is any position to make any coherent decisions at this time. I’ve always felt that some devs benifit from exclusivity; Naughty Dog with Sony for instance. Konami have always struck me, particularly in later years as a company that needs to acquire maximum exposure for its content. If there is any hope of Silent Hills, my guess is that it could be on both Xbox and PS4. Then again I also predicted that Capcom would release another Onimusha game before I turned 30! Bunch of rastards!

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    • I think you are completely right about Konami needing maximum exposure for their games – I was surprised back in the day that MGS4 never made jump to the 360. It was the main reason I owned a PS3 much to many people’s amusement. 🙂 The structure of the game almost seemed like it was made for multiple discs too making the whole Blu-Ray argument invalid. That and Metal Gear online might have had a better chance on Xbox.

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