Borderlands to be on the backward compatibility list, plus DLC

For fans of Gearbox’s original co-op shooter slash lootfest Borderlands, a new post by Xbox’s Major Nelson confirms that not only will the game be supported by backward compatibility (BC), but its numerous additional content will be too.

A big factor in Borderlands’ popularity has got to be due to the substantial post game support provided by Gearbox through downloadable content which helped keep the title in gamer’s minds much longer than many games released at the time. And seeing as the game did not make the cut for the Xbox One title Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (which included the sequel as well as the “pre-sequel) this is a great deal for Xbox One owners.

The game will be available to all when BC exits preview in November. Those that are part of the preview can check it out now.

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  1. I have the game on my PC and despite my wishful thinking line of thought of “Hey, it’s cel-shaded, it’ll age -fantastically-” I was definitely able to see the years on its graphics and gameplay when I installed it again a couple of weeks ago, after I felt disappointed from Borderlands: TPS lack of end-game content. BL2 spoiled me -hard- in that sense.

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    • I suppose I’m not minding returning to it simply on the grounds that I had barely touched the DLC back then so that content still comes across as new. Though I’ll admit I’m not fond of some of the collection quests (Braaaaaaaaaaaains!!!) and Moxxi’s DLC can be hard going when not playing co-op.


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